Couples Therapy can help you find the love that seems lost under the problems

Relationship Counselling in Canterbury

Couple Relationships

An important part of the couples therapy I offer is to give each of you the opportunity to share what the difficulties are that you have been experiencing in your relationship. In helping you to resolve these problems, it is important for my approach to be as non-judgemental as possible.

The therapy would be focusing on a number of things:

  • Looking at what dynamics you as a couple may have inadvertently fallen into over time. This can help take away the sense of blame that is easy to attribute exclusively to your partner. Instead, the two of you can form an alliance in working on it.
  • Working with what you hope will make your relationship better for you.
  • Working on positive repairing of your relationship.
  • Learning how to communicate more honestly and openly, encourage and nurture your romance, make quality time together, and celebrate improvements together.

As the therapy progresses, a deeper understanding between you and your partner and a mutual appreciation can begin to grow.

Length of Sessions:

The initial session is for 75 minutes. Further sessions are available in the same 75 minutes format, or alternatively you may choose, 1 and a half hours, or 2 hours sessions. This can be discussed at the first session.

Number of Sessions:

Sometimes, couple relationships are going through a solution finding process which only needs a small number of sessions (up to 6) to help focus on the solution and resolve the problem. In many situations, however, relationship difficulties have grown over a long period of time and have developed quite entrenched dynamics. It then often takes between 8 and 12 sessions (sometimes more) to see lasting changes.

Frequency of Sessions:

The times between sessions can be negotiated. It usually begins with weekly sessions, and then moves towards fortnightly and later monthly sessions.

Here are some of the common problems marriage and relationship therapy can help you with

  • My partner and I have lost that loving feeling; I don’t know whether I even love my partner, or I love him/her but I am not in love with him/her’ any more.

  • We are like roommates rather than partners; friends, but not lovers anymore.

  • We criticise each other, argue and complain a lot.

  • One of us usually withdraws and shuts down rather than communicates well.

  • I can’t stand it anymore: my partner is verbally abusive and controlling.

  • My partner has to have his or her own way all the time.

  • My partner doesn’t show any affection towards me.

  • Our love life is dried up, almost non-existent.

  • My partner won’t take responsibilities.

  • I (or my partner) have had an affair.

  • We can’t agree on anything: finances, bringing up our children, or holidays.

  • I have problems with my parents (or in-laws) constantly interfering.

  • My partner does not acknowledge or support me.

  • My partner doesn’t listen to me.

  • I don’t remember the last time we had a good time together.

  • How do we manage stepchildren?

  • I have no longer any interest in sex.

  • We sometimes go for days without talking to each other.

Fees and Appointments

Couples Therapy sessions are 75 minutes and cost: £90 per session.

To enquire or make an appointment, email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Canterbury, Kent

t: 0791 4038 123